Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Bashed by the cops and out of pocket by $150,000

Gary Tippet

September 24, 2006

Corinna Horvath's jaw and nose were broken so badly she spent five days in hospital.

When the police crashed through her door one night in 1996, they left Corinna Horvath senseless and with a horribly shattered nose. In a lasting piece of collateral damage, the lawyer who took on — and won — her case was left with a bill of nearly $500,000, a contempt of court charge and a possible jail sentence.

In what may have been a rush of blood during a successful 38-day trial, solicitor Mark Morgan agreed to underwrite Ms Horvath's case in which she was awarded $150,000 damages for assault. But more than a decade after she was bashed, Ms Horvath is yet to receive a cent of that money. Mr Morgan is to front another court after failing to pay $436,877 in legal costs.


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