Monday, March 10, 2008


Preamble: 'The Galbally (1978) and Fitzgerald (1988) reports on the immigration system struck a balance between a rules-based structure which had enough compassionate flexibility to accommodate discretion in exceptional circumstances... The full extent of human devastation cannot always be captured within the black letter of the law. Unlike bureaucracies' apparatuses, [Government] ministers have a mandate for empathy while weighing often unique circumstances that were not anticipated when sections of the act were drafted.' ('Yes Minister, the buck does stop with you' by Mary Aldred, the Age, March 3, 2008). Update: Cornelia Rau, the German-born woman wrongly held in detention for 10 months, has accepted a compensation offer from the Federal Government for a reported $2.4 million. Note: A Government Department made a mistake, and paid compensation.

Dawn, what are you asking the Federal Government to do?

My needs, which I would like the Government to address are:

* Bankruptcy REMOVED from ALL MY RECORDS in the public & private arenas

* Commonwealth Government to deal with SA government, ABC & Channel 10 to get rid of ANY further action they might take

* FULL payment of my ACTUAL legal costs from the beginning of this disgusting saga. NOT what the COURT allows, which is 60% of 75% of nothing etc, etc. i.e. NOT the court / legal formulas for "taxation of costs", but the truth of the financial cost to me.

* Full payment of all my personal losses: income over 20 years, interest on line of credit ($40,000), superannuation, potential investment losses which would have been made for responsible quality of retirement life. I'll add more to this later...

* DECENT & HUMANE compensation for personal injury & suffering, making an HONEST assessment of what they would expect if this had been PERPETRATED on them.

* RECALL OF ALL COPIES OF "SHELTERS IN THE STORM" REPORT, by state & Federal Government, any records of this report in Government departments to be annotated with Justice Debelle's findings on the malicious lies deliberately included in it by Cornwall, Roberts, Whighton & Blake. Also annotated with a full apology to me for the brutal treatment meted out to me by State & Federal Governments for 21 years. (extracts of Debelle's judgement to be identified by me)

* Appointment to varies Government committees responsible for development of
appropriate services / responses to Family & Community Violence, including Child Abuse & Exploitation.

I regard the above list of actions necessary for me to be restored to some quality if life. However, it can NEVER compensate me for the torture imposed by evil doers in Government & their whores & the LOST years of my life.

I want to meet Jenny Macklin personally to explain the whole saga. Why won't she meet me? Getting a bureaucratic line won't necessarily represent the truth.

Dawn Rowan

13th March 2008.

Friends: You can email/write to Jenny Macklin. See here.

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