Thursday, March 6, 2008


The Hon. Jennifer Macklin
Minister for Families, Housing,
Community services and Indigenous affairs
PO Box 316
Heidelberg 3084
27th February 2008

Re Dawn Rowan

I write to request your intervention on compassionate grounds in the case of Dawn Rowan of St Andrews. I consider Dawn's story to be one of the worst injustices I have heard of.

Dawn has been a kind and caring women’s advocate who while working unselfishly to support abused women and children was defamed in the course of her work. She heroically succeeded in clearing her good name only to find justice denied to her when costs were awarded against her including the costs of the guilty parties. I fail to understand in a democratic Australia how this can occur. Dawn always was and still is blameless.

Dawn is a counsellor and works from her home, a modest log cabin in St Andrews.
I have known Dawn for over 10 years during which time I participated in a support group she founded for a distressed family with a severely disabled child. My gratitude to Dawn for her help with my own family is immense and I would be happy to provide further information should you require, or attend your offices at any time to suit you.

There has been strong support for Dawn in our local community and I believe your Government has an opportunity to show common sense, compassion and right a terrible wrong.

I ask for your intervention to ensure her home which is also her livelihood will not be taken from her.

Yours Sincerely

Mary McDonald

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