Friday, March 13, 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL'S 'Increase the Budget and decrease the violence against women' appeal.

Amnesty International is lobbying for the Government to 'increase the budget and decrease the violence' against women.

This is exactly what Dawn Rowan has been working for, so we are putting her case in their hands.

I will be sending Amnesty International a copy of her lecture notes in which she coined the phrase 'battered women syndrome' dating back to 1985, in a paper presented to the First National Conference on Domestic Violence in Canberra.

Included also will be a three-day skills development workshop for Health , Education, Legal and Welfare Workers, designed and presented by Dawn. She still lectures in this area at TAFEs.

Jan Croucher

PS. Everyone: Keep Maundy Thursday (April 9, 2009) free to join many others at a 24-hour vigil outside Lindsay Tanner's Melbourne office.

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