Monday, March 16, 2009



Dawn Rowan – who attends our East Doncaster church - was once a national leader in the Women’s Refuge movement.

The Commonwealth and SA Governments colluded to close down her Refuge. Dawn took them to court – and won! In an Appeal, a strange judgment affirmed Dawn’s innocence, but awarded costs against her!

Canberra bankrupted her, and any time now her St Andrews home could be seized – legally! How much has she spent and lost? At least $1.5 million. How many taxpayers’ dollars were wasted – over 24 years - destroying her? An eight-figure sum (they won’t tell us). In ‘fair and just’ Australia! In our time!

Last May Jenny Macklin recommended waiving Dawn’s debt to the Commonwealth. The final judgment lies with Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner.

To encourage Mr Tanner to act soon, Dawn’s supporters are planning a Maundy Thursday 24-hour vigil (April 9) outside his Melbourne office (King and Little Lonsdale Streets).

See for more (including the hope that the Vigil will be called off if Mr. Tanner makes a satisfactory judgment). Write to the PM - and/or Mr Tanner (

And please pray for Dawn: she’s understandably very tired/depressed.

(Rev. Dr.) Rowland Croucher

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